Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Best eBay listing template 2017

eBay HTML Listing Template

eBay is the main player in the world of online auctions. Consumers flood the site every day in the hope of picking up a bargain. As a result, the number of professional sellers on the platform has exploded to around 6.7 million,So that is the thing you have to looking for professional listing templates. In the best case scenario, listing templates offer a quick and efficient way to list your products on eBay, in a professional manner.

In many cases however, listing templates do more valuable service to your business.Today i am going to show you, simple but very nice html template.I is simple & easy to handle,So If you want to improve your eBay listings and sell more items, then read this article carefully.

"Online Tech Studio eBay listing template" totally free to use.

[Guide]How to setup template 

1.First step, go to ebay.com seller pannel

2-Then enter your selling item basic details

3-Go to Item Description & select HTML mode

4-Paste the "Online Tech Studio eBay listing template"

5-Then press standard button

 6-Make your own description..Using Simply editing texts..!

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 How to remove Online Tech Studio Header image?

1-First download the Online Tech Studio eBay listing template

2-Then Open html file using text editor(i am using Notepad++ ,It is really easy to manage html codes)

3-Find this part From HTML

<a href="http://onlinetechstudios.blogspot.com/2017/09/best-ebay-listing-template-2017.html"> <img src="https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-EPwj_j6745g/Wa010HZSK-I/AAAAAAAAAH0/sJ7CtbYyz7AbX1kWitFND1jrTuu9imwvQCLcBGAs/s320/OTs%2Btext%2Blogo%2Bwhitw.png"></a>

4-Remove it and enter your header text or image..!