Thursday, December 7, 2017

How to start a blog on blogger

Why you should start a blog on blogger?

A blog is a type of website that focuses mainly on written content, also known as blog posts. In popular culture we most often hear about news blogs or celebrity blog sites, but as you’ll see in this guide, you can start a successful blog on just about any topic imaginable.The latest version is flexible and unbranded so you can use it to create and promote blogs without a budget.The main advantage to using Blogger is that Blogger is completely free, including hosting and analytics.

Advantages and benifits of blogger? 

1.Blogger Is Free With Better Web Exposure

You will always get good exposure in the internet because Google supports Blogger sites.

2.Easy Interface For The Newbie

Blogger comes with an easy but intuitive interface to use. If you are new in blogging, it is best to start building your experience in managing a blog on blogger because it is optimized to help non-technical savvy bloggers manage their own blog site without any special technical skills required.

3.Monetize Your Blog Site With Google Ads

Google ads are one of the most profitable website ads out there and you can maximize your profits by creating good contents on your blog site with better exposure and traffic for monetization.

4.Create Your Own Blogger Sub-Domain

There is no money involved whenever you use the platform such as paying for a domain name and a server to host your blog site. Users are given the opportunity to choose their own domain name as long as it does not have any duplicate domain name online.

5.Starting a new business

Though blogging starts off as a hobby, it has a great business potential in it. Though it cannot termed typical, there are examples of many bloggers who earn more than from a corporate job. This is possible when you start a blog on what you specialise in.

6.Helping people

You help people with their problems through your blog. You can educate the larger audience with tips on how to lose weight, raise children or make money online. Blogging is an effective medium to educate or inspire people and to bring like-minded people together.


 Disadvantages of blogger?

1.Blogger Owns Your Blog Site

Google owns the site as it exercises control on what ads you are allowed to post on your blog site. With this ownership issue, a blogger should realize that whatever content that they post on Blogger could disappear if Google decides to close down the platform. Therefore, anyone who is using Blogger should backup their content because their blog site could be deleted by Google even without notice to the blog site user.

2.Limited Template For Your Blog Site

It is because of these limited features and designs available in the Blogger templates that lead us to another downside of using blogger – duplicate or similar blog site design. Because there are only quite a few available template designs to choose from it is a challenge to create a professional-looking blog site. Most often than not, you will feel extremely disappointed to find another site using the same design as your blog site.

 3.Alone all time

If you are full time blogger you have no colleagues, no co-workers and you are always alone.

 4.Social life

The actual social life is destroyed almost completely. Hanging out or going on holiday does not appeal to some of them. They move more and more away from family and social circles.


They can spend hours and hours together before their system screens, but will not be interested in doing other things physical. This may result in health issues later on. 

How to get start on blogger?

Blogger is Google’s free tool for creating blogs. It can be found on the web at

Step 01
Login or create your google account to continue to blogger

Step 02
Click Google apps button and select blogger 

Step 03
Click "New Blog" button to create a new blog

Step 04
Fill your blog title, blogger address and choose template for blogger.(after you can change template select any template)

Step 05
select your new blog in blog list and click "view blog" button for preview your new blog

Step 06
Go to "Theme" tab to change your theme and customize your preview

Step 07
Select the theme,colours,gadgets that you want to add to your new blog

Step 08
click "view blog" button for preview your blog.Now you can start writing post on blogger.

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