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How to Install SEO optimized Blogger template- Blogger SEO Guide

SEO Optimized Blogger Template-Blogger SEO Guide

How to install SEO optimized Blogger Template
How to install SEO optimized Blogger Template

If you wish to start any blog in blogger or any other platform, you need a good design and user-friendly template which can attract many visitors to come again and again. Blogger is one of the most popular and biggest platforms for blogging and this is the first step of the full SEO Blogging tutorial.

Search engine optimization techniques can be divided into two different categories: on-page SEO and off-page SEO. So if you are a beginner you need to completely understand the difference between on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

What is On-Page SEO?

It is also known as "on-site SEO” and the main target is optimizing different parts of your blog that affect your search engine rankings. So selecting SEO optimized blogger template is the best way to start with on-page SEO mainly focus on,


If your blog fulfills those parameters, search engines can easily index your web pages and understand what your site is about. Better SEO we need blogger templates which are SEO Optimized and Highly User-friendly.

There are thousands of free blogger templates you can download according to different categories. But you focus on page ranking and blogger SEO, I strongly advise to do a research and select the best SEO optimized templates for your blogger. Also, focus on user-friendly and fast loading options for better rankings. In this article, I do not recommend any template because google search algorithm continuously changes to optimize better results and also blogger templates need to change continuously. Do a quick search on google “SEO optimized Blogger template” you can see hundreds of templates.

In this article, I mainly focus on beginners guide-how to install custom blogger template on blogger. Because I am writing this Blogger SEO article series to beginners who newly joined our blogger family.

How to install Blogger Template 2018

Step 01: Logged in your Blogger Dashboard

Go to blogger theme section
Go to blogger theme section

Step 02: Access Theme Section. Click the Backup/Restore button

Backup your template blogger
Backup your template blogger
Step 03: For backup current theme. Click download theme button

Backup your current theme blogger
Backup your current theme blogger

Step 04: Unzip the template file you downloaded. Select .xml file for uploading

Install new theme using xml file
Install new theme using xml file

Step 05: Click the Upload button. Preview your updated template

Preview your new blogger template
Preview your new blogger template

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