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How to optimize blog post Images-Blogger SEO

How to optimize blog post Images- SEO friendly alt-text

how to write seo-friendly alt-text for your images
How to write SEO-friendly alt-text for your images
This is continuing of the previous tutorial How to write SEO optimized blogger post. Are images really necessary for blog posts? The answer is yes, Images bring an article to life and they can also contribute to your website’s search engine optimization. In this tutorial, I will explain how to fully optimize an image for SEO blogger.

Images ALT text (Alternative text) assigned to them. Because screen readers can't understand images, but they can understand the image using your ALT description. It will help you to rank your article and improve the SEO score.

What is image optimization?

1. Use keywords: 

Use your targeted keywords in alt text, title text and image title.

2. Limit the number of images per page: 

Too many images not helping to make a good article.

3. Optimize your images for people: 

Remember to make a good quality post, don’t only focus on SEO. Images will help readers better understand your article. 

4. Image quality: 

People pay more attention to a clear image where they can see the details. 

5. Use original images: 

You can’t use Google Image results to pick an image and add it in your blog article, because those images might be protected by copyright and you might run into some big trouble. The better way is to use images taken yourself or use stock photos with no copyrights. You can refer to various websites that provide stock images for free. 

6. Use relevant images: 

Your article needs an image relevant to its subject.

Blogger image optimization- Step by step SEO guide

Step 01: Select the right file name

How to add keywords on blogger image title
How to add keywords on blog image title
The first step of Image SEO starts with the file name. Google will understand your image using the file name, so use your keyword in the image file name. Use perfect file name format like below example. 

Wrong format – "ABCD1234.jpg"
Okay Format – "bloggerimageoptimization.jpg" 
Perfect Format – "blogger-image-optimization.jpg"

Step 02: Scale your image for SEO

blog post content area width
Find your blog post content area width 
Page loading time of your blog is an extremely important factor from SEO. Images can have a big impact on loading times, so don’t upload high-resolution images, I mean not low quality, but use your image resolutions according to your blogger theme. Most of the blog themes come with content area width of 600-700 pixels. It’s depending on the theme. Make sure you know the blog post content area width to create a perfect image.

Step 03: Reduce the file size of an image

Reduce file size for fast loading blogger seo
Reduce file size for fast loading
You can use your own images or stock images from the internet, but sometimes it’s too large in resolutions, then it is better to resize it image. Don’t upload the image in its original size because its affect your page loading time directly. Resize it using the height and width parameter in your blogger template.

What is the best image format for blogger- JPEG, PNG or GIF?

There are different types of image formats available like PNG, JPEG, and GIF. Mostly, you will use JPEG file format because JPEG format is best used for digital photography and is the most widely used format. The reason behind this is, JPEG formats are comparatively smaller in size which means the images will load faster. But you will use PNG and GIF as well.

There are different online and PC tools to convert and reduce file size of images. I’m using FastStone photo resizer for my personal use. It is open source software.

Step 04: Add alt text and title text

How to upload images and add alt text and title blogger
How to upload images and add alt text and title
The main purpose of the ALT text is to provide a description of the image file. It will describe the content of the image. Add alt text to every image in your article, make sure the alt text includes the SEO keyword (targeted keyword) for that article. Make sure your image is suitable for your ALT text.

How to add image title and image alt text on blogger

How to add title txt and alt txt on blogger SEO
How to add title txt and alt txt on blogger SEO

Go to blogger> Create new Post> Upload your image> Select properties to add image title and image alt text

Step 05: Use correct captions in the Image

How to add captions on blogger images
How to add captions on blogger images
Image captions are the text description that appears right below the images in your blog post. You can use the caption area to give credit links or describe the image. There is no direct relationship between image captions and the SEO rankings. But make sure to add image captions to your all images in the article.

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