Thursday, February 14, 2019

How to Play Soul money clicker game-complete daily task & reward SOUL tokens

CryptoSoul Review:Get paid for completing tasks Soul money clicker game play

CryptoSoul Review-Get paid for completing tasks-Soul money clicker gameplay

CryptoSoul (SOUL) is a cryptocurrency token that operates on the the Ethereum platform. CryptoSoul Transform gaming model from "The player spends" to "The player earns". That means you will reward tokens for completing tasks.

▶ Explained in this video,

01: How to register & login to Crypto Soul account
02: How to install Soul Money Clicker game on android
03: Complete daily tasks to earn 200 SOUL tokens daily
04: How to verify your CryptoSoul account & withdraw SOUL tokens to Ethereum wallet

Register CryptoSoul:

Here is the step by step guide, How to Play Soul money clicker game, complete daily task & reward SOUL tokens

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