Saturday, November 23, 2019

Tesla Cybertruck Quick Review

Tesla Cybertruck Quick Review

Tesla Cybertruck Armor glass| Body durability test Test Drive

Tesla CEO Elon Musk just unveiled the Cybertruck, the company’s first electric pickup truck. Tesla Cybertruck is built with an exterior shell made for ultimate durability and passenger protection. Every component of the Cybertruck is designed for superior strength and endurance. 

The stated goal of Tesla in developing Cybertruck is to displace a large portion of the roughly 6,500 fossil fuel-powered trucks sold per day in the US. It will also be able to drive up to 500 miles on a full charge. Base models will have a range of 250 miles.

In addition to being able to carry cargo in its bed, the truck will have lockable storage spaces under the hood and on the sides. The bed itself also has a sliding cover. Drivers will also be able to adjust the ride height of the truck, for when they are on the highway or off-road, using an adaptive air suspension system.

  • In this video include Tesla armor glass compare with standard glass.
  • Tesla truck glass break test and body durability test using a hammer.
  • Tesla Cyber Truck drive test.

Tesla Cybertruck Armor glass| Body durability test| Test Drive 

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