Friday, December 8, 2017

How to start a blog on blogger

Why you should start a blog on blogger?

How to start blog on blogger guide
How to start blog on blogger guide
Many people ask how to start a blog? Yes, it’s simple. But at the start you should know what a blog is, a blog is a type of website that focuses mainly on written content or blog posts. You can start a successful blog on just about any topic on your mind. The main advantage is you can use blogger blog completely free, including hosting and analytics.

Advantages and benefits of blogger?

1. Blogger is totally free

You will always get a good exposure on the internet because Google supports Blogger sites.

2. Easy Interface

Blogger comes with a simple interface that not hard to understand to the new user. If you are new in blogging, it is best to start your own blog on blogger because it is optimized and easy to SEO 

3. Monetize Your Blog

You can use Google ads to monetize because it is one of the most profitable website ads. Also, You can increase your ad profits by publishing good contents on your blog

4. Blogger Sub-Domain

Blogger gives you an option to use your own sub-domain. There is no money involved whenever you use free blogger domain 

6. Helping people

You can help people with their problems through your blog. You can educate the larger audience with your knowledge.

Disadvantages of blogger?

1. Blogger Owns Your Blog

When you use blogger you will agree to google terms and conditions, Google will control what ads you are allowed to post on your blog. Google has a permission to remove your blog any time if you use blogger for an unnecessary purpose. 

2. Limited Template

Limited features and template designs available in the Blogger. But you can use custom blogger templates on blogger. 

3. Social life

If you are a full-time blogger, social life is destroyed almost completely. You don’t have time to stay with your family members in the holidays. 

4. Laziness

Bloggers sit in the same position longer time. They have to spend hours and hours. This may result in health issues later on.

How to get a start on blogger?

Step 01: Create your Google account to continue to blogger or log in to your google account

Go to google .com
Go to google .com

Sign up to your google account or sign in to your account
Sign up to your google account 
Step 02: Click the Google apps button and select blogger

Go to blogger
Go to blogger
Step 03: Click the "New Blog" button to create a new blog

Select start a new blog
Select start a new blog

Step 04: Fill your blog title, blogger address and choose a template for blogger. (After you can change template select any template)

Enter blog address and title
Enter blog address and title

Step 05: select your new blog then click "view blog" button for preview your new blog

Select your new blog
Select your new blog 
View blog
View blog

Blog site preview
Blog site preview
Step 06: Go to "Theme" tab to change your blogger theme

Blogger theme customize
Blogger theme customize
Step 07: customize your new blog

Select blog theme and colour
Select blog theme and colour
Step 08: click "view blog" button to preview your blog

Final view blog
Final view blog

Friday, September 15, 2017

How to install presets in Lightroom cc 2019

How to download and install premium presets in Lightroom cc

How to install adobe lightroom preset pack 2019 free download
How to install adobe Lightroom preset pack 2019 free download
Most people search on google how do I install new presets and profiles into Lightroom CC? So in this tutorial, I will show you how to download adobe Lightroom premium preset pack and install. Adobe Lightroom is the software developed by Adobe Systems for Windows and macOS. It allows viewing, editing and organizing large numbers of digital images.

You can download 7000+ lightroom presets free. I will put the download link below in this post. I will show you simple steps how to do it. Also, you can find Lightroom video tutorials on my YouTube channel Online Tech Studio.

How to install Lightroom presets on windows

Step 01: Download and unzip the presets file, you will find the presets, All templates are in .lrtemplate extension.

Download lightroom preset pack free
Download Lightroom preset pack free
Step 02: Open Adobe Lightroom, in the top menu bar, choose Edit>Preferences

Go to edit-preferences lightroom
Go to edit-preferences Lightroom
Step 03: Select the “Presets” tab

Select preset tab lightroom
Select preset tab Lightroom
Step 04: Then click “Show Lightroom Presets Folder”

Open lightroom preset folder
Open Lightroom preset folder

Step 05: Windows Explorer will open the “Lightroom” folder Then open the “Develop Presets” folder. Copy and Paste your downloaded presets into this location.

Paste your presets to lightroom developed preset folder
Paste your presets to Lightroom developed preset folder

Step 06: Restart Adobe Lightroom

Restart to apply adobe lightroom presets
Restart adobe lightroom

Adobe Lightroom Premium preset pack 7500 Download

Adobe Lightroom Premium preset pack 7500Download
Download from MediaFire [9.35MB]