How to withdraw USDC Using Axelar Satellite bridge

How to withdraw USDC Using Axelar Satellite bridge

How to withdraw USDC Using Axelar Satellite bridge: Osmosis to Polygon network

Today I’m going to show you how to use the Axelar bridge to transfer your funds (USDC) from Osmosis Dex to another blockchain like Polygon (Matic). This is the explanation video on how to use the Axelar Satellite bridge. So do it at your own risk.


How to use Connext cross chain bridge on EVMOS Mainnet

How to use Connext cross chain bridge on EVMOS Mainnet

How to use Connext cross chain bridge on EVMOS Mainnet. Transfer your funds From EVMOS to BNB Chain

Evmos is a scalable, high-throughput Proof-of-Stake blockchain that is fully compatible and interoperable with Ethereum. It's built using the Cosmos SDK. In this video I will show you how to transfer your Funds using Connect Bridge Between EVMOS mainnet & BNB Chain.

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How to add EVMOS network to Metamask

How to add EVMOS network to Metamask

How to add EVMOS network to Metamask. Add any EVM network using one click

This video includes how to connect to EVM powered networks to metamask using It's the best way to add any EVM support network to metamask, like BNB chain Polygon, Fantom etc.

#Evmos #CROSSCHAIN #EVM #Diffusion #COSMOS #Metamask 

Do you make an appointment for yourself ?

Do you make an appointment for yourself ?

Do you make an appointment for yourself ?

"I do all this for my family, and I don't have to think about myself."

"When homework, children's work, office work is over, I'm tired, where is the time to think about me ..?"

"I Have Never Lived The Way I Want"

We have heard these ideas from our friends, neighbours, and family. They are not strange ideas to us. Why do we listen to stories like this? Or why do you / I feel like this ..? What do you think is the answer?

Think about it for a moment. Why do you work? What are you doing for a living? If you look closely at this, it is rare for someone to do things for themselves. You can see that many others are devoting their lives to maintaining the various bonds that surround them.

That is not a mistake. It may seem selfish to think only of oneself and to do one's part. Another may answer that this is how bonds are. However, we tell you that it is up to you to decide what you want to live. If not, you're tired of life, and you can read those dialogues, as we said above. What should we do?

Can we get out of this normal situation and go on a separate journey? That is not an idea. Ordinary life Today, we tell you how to find your own life, do something for yourself, and make yourself happy while your family, parents, wife or husband, boyfriend, or girlfriend live with any of these people. In the end, the important thing is whether they live their lives happily and easily. So give these steps a try. You feel more proud/happy about yourself than ever.

Try to be happy


One of the things most of us do is live our dreams. In a way, it is a good thing. If we have plans, we will pursue them. But those dreams are only worthwhile if you work hard to make them come true. Otherwise, if you keep only dreams as dreams, you will always be left with regrets: sadness and frustration. Just imagine if you are not satisfied with your current home, vehicle, clothes, mobile, laptop, things like this ..?

What if your dream is a better one? All you have to do is work hard for it. Keep the goal in front and pursue it. Otherwise, if you live frustrated with what you have kept as a dream, you will be left with nothing. So either be comfortable with the size available. Or try to get as much as you need. Choose for yourself what you want to do. But do not live with sadness and frustration for any reason. Give yourself value.

Many people put their family/children first and avoid doing so. They sacrifice what they want, what they want. That is how we are shaped within the Asian family culture. But the question is, are we enjoy doing it? Most of the time, after doing all that, they still have regrets about the things they want to lose, don't they? That's normal. What do for a living now? Set aside some time & money for yourself while fulfilling all responsibilities and duties. You manage everything, but this task is difficult but not impossible. All it takes is effort. So don't forget to book something for yourself. Learn how to manage enough to set aside something to maintain yourself.

Find time to do what you love


We all have different hobbies. We had other hobbies when we were little when we were in school and young. Some people like to watch movies. Another reads books. Others like music. But you get older and in your family increase your responsibilities at work; almost everyone misses this part. Most people do not bother to make time for their hobbies after work and household chores because they want to earn money. But this is a very unfortunate situation. We all need this relaxation, rest and satisfaction to be mentally stable. If you live a stressful and unsatisfying lifestyle, it can develop into stress and depression. Some information suggests that these conditions may even develop into severe brain dysfunction. So whatever your hobby, find some time for it. Even if you can't do it every day, don't forget to make time to enjoy it at least once a week.

Treat yourself like that

Another important thing. How many people lived in such a beautiful order? Just think, back to that old reason. You forget about yourself after devoting time and effort to household chores, children, and family. But do not forget that you are a normal person—a professional. Then your personality the professional status will all start to show with the way you live. So don't forget to think about your appearance among all other activities.
Is the hat the reason for the flat?

Is the hat the reason for the flat?


Hair loss and baldness is a common problem. We hear and see that men, in particular, have more of this problem. Although the exact cause is not known, it is generally believed that genetic factors play a role. Flatulence is one of the big causes of depression in men. Even a young man with thinning hair and baldness means he looks old. So, who wants to show that they are older than they are ..?

But what if I have to face this situation? When you have to look for alternatives or accept the status quo. However, today we will inform you about an incident in the conversation with this plate made. It can say that it is "special for men". The reason is that men are more prone to this condition.

There is a popular belief that wearing a hat is a big reason for wearing a hat. You may have heard of this. What is not true in this story? We are going to talk about that today. Now, to give a direct answer to this question, we have to say that there is no such convincing evidence. That is to say, the story that wearing a hat on a daily or frequent basis accelerates or even increases the risk of baldness is not an idea that any scientific research has proved. So can we deny that there is only one superstitious belief?

You cannot simply deny it. Now you may be going to a troubled little place. Then what is the real story?


Here it is. We used to say that putting on a hat is one word, but there are differences. Wearing a hat is a common practice. And a habit of some others. Losing their cap is like losing their identity. Because they have built themselves as an image with the hat, so wherever they go to work, they go with the hat.

For those who have a habit like this, the hat is an essential element. So you don't have to take the risk that putting on this hat will cause your hair to fall out. There is no evidence to prove that. But you should be concerned about the condition of the hat you are wearing. If the hat you are wearing is a tight-fitting hat, there is a risk. Also, if you wear a completely covered hat in sweat, there is a risk of hair loss. If you wear a hat often, you can see loose hairs inside the cap when you wear the hat all day and escape. 

That may also give you the impression that the hat is causing hair to fall out. But there is an important thing. That is, on average, about 100 hairs fall out of our heads every day—one natural state. Anyone who wears a hat on the same day may notice this hair loss. But that is not something you should regret. We have to be careful only if we see more hair falling out.

stylish man with hat

There is a high risk of losing your hair due to genetic influences on the generation's history; some other diseases can also lead to this condition. Allergies or hormonal changes can also cause it. Experts say that high body temperature may be another factor. Certain foods & beverages, as well as stress, can cause hair loss. Other than that, there is no reason to give up wearing a hat, which is one of the most popular styles, for fear of losing hair. But as we mentioned earlier, it is important to consider the style, size, and material of the hat.

Be sure to choose a hat that does not retain heat and is stylish and made from a friendly material. All you need to do is give an outlet and the support they need to keep going.
Want a good sleep

Want a good sleep

clean bed room design home

Want a good night's sleep?

Randy Gardner has the longest record of how long a man can sleep without rest. In 1964, he spent 11 days and 25 minutes without sleep. That is a really rare opportunity, but many of us have insomnia at various times in our lives. Sleep deprivation can harm the body and mind, and it is important to know how to fight it. Therefore, I thought of informing the readers about this.

Choose the right way to sleep

If you have trouble sleeping, be mindful of the way you sleep. Sleep on your hands is The best way to combat insomnia. It allows your head, neck and spine to rest in a neutral position. Although many people don't sleep this way, experts believe that it is the best choice for healthy sleep.

Move from old mattress to new mattress

sleeping girl bed

A bad mattress can also cause other sleep problems and insomnia. Many experts say that if your mattress is more than seven years old, it's time to test whether it still helps your body properly while you sleep. Various parts of our body exert other pressures on the mattress. It loses its ability to help our body and ensure good sleep. There is a wide range of mattresses on the market, so choose the best option based on your body shape, health issues, and budget.

Try the "sleepy dust" recipe

If you can't sleep or wake up in the middle of the night, all you need is the "sleeping dust" recipe; all you need is sea salt and sugar. Sugar provides relief. Salt helps the body control and its adrenaline levels. Under your tongue, Put this mixture; it will help solve your sleep problems.

Practice writing an evening journal


If you are stuck in many thoughts, it will increase your anxiety level and prevent you from falling asleep. Before you go to bed, take 16 minutes to write down all the positive things that happened to you during the day. This process can help you focus on the good, reduce your stress and anxiety, and improve your sleep time and quality.

Reduce falling into small nymphs from time to time

Many people think going to bed earlier is good, but it's not a good thing. Daytime sleepiness contributes to the quality of sleep that night. If you need a nap, take a break. If you do not want to decrease your rest, go to bed during the day (before 6 pm). But don't sleep for more than two hours.